LlanesLlanes. Mirador Ovio

Llanes. The Mirador de Ovio is 12 km from the capital of the council: Llanes, a fishing village with a population of about 4000 inhabitants. Today Llanes is still an active fishing port, with its economy sustained by tourism (especially by visitors from the rest of Spain) during the summer the population multiplies. Apart from the monuments that can be seen, a visit through the streets of the city is always pleasant. The villa has a good selection of shops and traditional restaurants, both in the villa itself and in its surroundings, and the cocktail area is very lively on summer evenings. And among them you can not fail to name the beach of El Sablón, which is located in the town of Llanes, next to the San Pedro promenade and the remains of the castle. The traditions, gastronomy and festivals of the region are famous for their color and history. In August the Festival of San Roque is celebrated.

Along with the richness of its indiana architecture (colonial-style house) in its historic center important monuments are located, if: CASA DEL CERCAU Urban palace complex with attached chapel on the west facade, s.XVII and XVIII. CASINO DE LLANES It was built in 1910. PALACIO DE GASTAÑAGA. SANTA MARIA DEL CONCEYU Church Gothic style. TORRE DEL CASTILLO Romanesque style, military defensive character tower (s.XIII). In addition, it is worth highlighting a recent work, The Cubes of Memory by the Basque painter Agustín Ibarrola. It is an original idea in the Ibarrola line, which consisted of painting with different motifs the concrete blocks that protect the port.

link of interest: https://www.turismoasturias.es/en/descubre/costa/puertos-deportivos/puerto-deportivo-de-llanes