The MiradorLlanes. Mirador de Ovio. Cuevas del mar

Llanes. The Mirador de Ovio is located 1.5 km from the beach of Cuevas del Mar. which is reached walking – see Google map – by a path from the Mirador de Ovio and is one of the many beaches of the council of Llanes where the sea and the wind give capricious shapes to the rocks, the protagonists of the landscape of the beach, This cavernous landscape is undoubtedly the origin of its name. It is considered protected landscape, from the environmental point of view (for its vegetation and also for its geological characteristics). For this reason it is integrated into the Protected Landscape of the East Coast of Asturias.

It has a triangular shape, with easy access, which makes it have an intense concurrence of bathers, since it has an average range of services that make it pleasant to its usual use, such as parking, showers (although not toilets), public telephones, litter bins, cleaning service, drinks …

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